A Digital Library

Welcome to the Literature Section.

Here you will find the most inspiring short literature from around the globe. There is also a library section with links to longer works of special renown. A majority of the work will be referenced, but eventually I would like to host some original material submitted by visitors to the site. So if you have anything inspiring, please don't hesitate to Send It to me.

As a last note about literature, I want to comment that although it can sometimes be a serious time commitment to engage books and read short stories, it is certainly worth it in the long run for the powerful effect they can have on our mood and psyche. I believe you will find that all of the works that are listed here will more than reward the efforts of any reader. A recommendation I have is to print or borrow material (if it can be found at a library), and carry it around. I am often surprised at how much time I spend either in transit or waiting for various things throughout the day. Having some literature available is especially handy during these times. Enjoy!
Posted by Colin at 2008-04-25 06:15:52