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Hello again,

    I suppose you've come to this section looking for some more information on who created this website, and why. Or, perhaps you're just bored. Either way, you're going to get more information than you probably wanted :)

    The idea for this website was conjured up one night while I was driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, yet the principle behind it is older than this. The value of inspiration and motivation was made clear to me through my years of fighting lethargy and laziness. This battle is by no means over, but I have learned that sometimes, when I am feeling sluggish, or depressed, an inspiring story can often jostle my mind from its rut, and I will be reinvigorated. Then one day, I happened to be reading about a man named Yiannis Kouros, the world's greatest ultramarathon runner. One of the many fantastic elements of his story was his description of how he prepares for these epic multi-day races. He says that he doesn't really train hard, but instead he spends his time gathering little pieces of motivation and inspiration, and he locks them away to be conjured up during his race, to keep him from giving in to the physical pain.

    So ultimately, this site is a repository for tidbits of inspiration and hopefully it can provide benefits to many people such as it brings to me. Much of the content of this site is borrowed, but where possible I have put references to the original content and used freely distributable materials. As time passes, I believe that more of the material here will be contributed by visitors, which is ideal to establish a community feeling. If you have any suggestions for the site, please visit the feedback section and send them my way.

    If you were looking for more information about the creator of this site, Colin Parker, take a look at this site.

Thanks for looking!
Posted by Colin at 2008-04-24 05:45:51