More Sections Added

Last night I completed the Feedback, Guestbook, and Email sections, as well as the About page. Please feel free to check them out. Now I will focuse on more content.
Posted by Colin at 2008-04-24 17:32:40

A Brand New Source of Inspiration

Hello visitors,
    Welcome to, a website devoted to compiling stories of inspiration and disseminating them freely.

    Many of us lead stressful and sometimes confusing lives. It's easy to end up feeling a bit lost or depressed, and easier still to feel intimidated when facing new challenges. This is where the power of inspiration comes into play. When we read stories or experience art that inspires us, our minds transform and we become better people, able to do much more than in our prior state of mind. And yes, these states may be temporary, but over time the collective beauty of these experiences will mold and shape us into beautiful and inspiring people ourselves.

    So please poke around the site and absorb as much as you would like. Very soon I will be incorporating feedback as well as a guestbook so you can tell me how you feel about each story, and about the site in general. Until then, please be patient as I continue to update and improve the site here in its early days. Thank you very much for visiting, and take care!
Posted by Colin at 2008-04-21 05:43:10